Reeds | Three Mills  2017  For my first commission with Vastint UK I was asked to create an artwork on 60 metres of hoarding, responding to the surrounding area. Taking the reeds that sat across the water I created a repeat stencil. I wanted the artwork to sit within the landscape rather than oppose it. The artwork was made onsite with colours being mixed as we worked, responding to the surrounding area.    Film-maker Cecilia Tyrrell assisted on the project and made a short film about the work:
 High Street hoarding | Stratford  2018  Vastint UK  The first outward facing advertising for Sugar House Island, the brief was to begin the story of the site. Time was taken as to how passers by would consume, as majority were drive-past. Adopting one colour across the whole half a kilometre created a stream of consistency with simple graphics and wording.
 Yellow Pavilion garden | Wembley Park  2016  A temporary space for the community at Wembley Park, the brief from Quintain was to design a welcoming entrance and garden to encourage locals to spend time there. Using planters and 3 large trees in permanent positions I re-configured the planters in response to the British Empire Exhibition map of 1924 which took place at Wembley. Using a grid format opened up vistas from inside the building and created a space that felt structured and encouraged locals to walk through the space.